Wet rocks. Trondheim, Norway, may 2015.
Light is really starting to be fabulous during the night here in Norway. This was captured a few minutes before midnight. The point where the sun is under the horizon can still be seen. 51 sec exposure, f 22. 2 step ND grad. Hasselblad H5D-50 with HC 28mm, which in full-frame language equals to about 17-18mm of focal length. This is a new release in my gallery     www.nordhaugphotography.com
Also, feel free to visit my facebook page facebook.com/nordhaugphotography or browse my blog at nordhaugphotography.wordpress.com . Wet rocks
Spring is here, with deep greens and still beautiful wildflowers on the forest floor. Hope you like it, have a splendid week! May
42nd street sunset, New York city, april 2015.
Hope you like it, have a super weekend! 42nd street sunset
Trondheim, Norway, september 2014. Misty autumn morning
Storebaelt bridge, Denmark, april 2015. Storebaelt bridge
Distant sandstorm. Mesquite Sand Dunes, Death Valley, June 2014.

The wind had been blowing all day, making it almost impossible to get out on the dunes. Temperatures close to 50 deg centigrade didn't help either. I waited patiently in the comfort of my air conditioned hotel room. As the evening closed in, the storms moved north and as I entered the dunes by sunset, I could see the sandstorm disappearing against the sun over the Funeral mountains. The sand filtered the light of the setting sun, giving an out-of-this-world red hue to the whole scenery. Hope you like my image, have an amazing tuesday! Distant sandstorm, Mesquite Sand Dunes
There were heavy clouds to the north, but a small gap in the clouds to the east. Minutes before sunrise the light from the emerging sun colored the skies and the landscape in a woderful pinkish hue. Hope you like it, have a splendid sunday!

facebook.com/nordhaugphotography Spring pier
A magic sunrise this winter near Reine, Lofoten, Norway. Morning explosion
Trondheim, Norway, march 2015. Spring sunrise
Shining through. Lofoten, Norway, feb 2015.
We had been scouting this location for several days. The weather was mostly overcast with intermittent heavy snow-showers and we got a few good pictures of the icy lake and dramatic mountains. This particular morning, the forecast promised better conditions with periodes of clear skies. We headed here to capture a dramatic transition when the sun shined through. After a long wait the skies suddenly started to clear and we got what we hoped for. Shining through
Winter morning light. Reine, Lofoten, Norway, feb 2015. Winter Morning Light
Captured minutes before an epic sunset, Unstadvik, Lofoten, Norway, feb 2015. Unstad, Lofoten
Sunset, Utakleiv, Lofoten, Norway. Feb 2015. Utakleiv
Scattered showers. Lofoten, Norway, february 2015.
Hope you like it, have a splendid weekend!

www.nordhaugphotography.com Scattered showers
Steigen, Norway. February 2015. Hope you like it! Have a splendid thursday!

www.nordhaugphotography.com After coffee
Captured in Lofoten, march 2013. Moody shores, Unstad
Captured at dawn at Agdenes, near Trondheim, Norway, jan 18th. Hope you like my work, have a great day! Lighthouse, Agdenes
Captured last winter, minutes after sunset in Trondheim, Norway. Winters watercolors
I entered central park at 0530 am the night before the marathon to photograph the wonderful trees at Poets Walk in peak autumn colors. To my surprise, I was not alone at all. The park was full of runners warming up before the run. I set up my gear at the Mall and waited patiently. In the glimpse of a second the path was empty and I got one single image without a handful of runners in it.... Autumn at poets walk
Trondheim,Norway. Jan 2014. Castles of ice #1
Light is amazing north of the arctic circle this time of year. This image was captured on Christmas Eve, just before dinner (!) and I thank my wonderful loving wife to accept my urge to go out and photograph at that time! Christmas crescent
Andaman coast, Thailand, nov 2014. Hope you like it! Tropical sunrise, Thailand
Morning blues. Lake Jonsvatnet, Trondheim, Norway. November 2014. Hope you like it! Morning blues
Val d'Orcia, Tuscany, July 2013. Tuscan dawn
Misty forest. Trondheim, oct 2013. Misty forest
After a clearing storm came a beautiful sunrise. Trondheim, Norway, nov 2014. Hope you like it! Morning shores
Dawn, Frosta, Norway. November 2014. Dawn, Frosta
Another image from my recent autumn-trip to the German Alps. This is from Geroldsee near Garmisch-Partenkirchen one early morning. Hope you like it! Bavarian dawn
Zugspitze, minutes after sunset. Bavaria, Germany, october 2014. Evening light, Riessersee
Bavarian forest, oct 2014. Bavarian forest
Lake Ammersee, Bavaria, Germany, Oct 2014. Hope you like it!
This is a new release in my gallery www.nordhaugphotography.com Approaching storm, Ammersee
Yosemite Valley. Captured minutes before sunset in June 2014. Half Dome glow
Dawn, Point Imperial. Grand Canyon NP, june 2014. Dawn, Point Imperial
Fern and cascade, Yosemite
Setting moon, Badwater. Death Valley National Park, June 2014.
I had planned this shot for some time, and made sure to arrive in Death Valley the day of the full moon. That particular morning, however, the sunrise was not very impressive with only a slowly emerging grey light. So I returned the following morning, and although the moon was slightly reduced, this morning brought a far more vibrant sunrise that contrasted the beautiful bluish saltplains perfectly. Hope you like my image, have a super weekend!    This is a new release in my gallery: nordhaugphotography.com Setting Moon, Badwater
Norwegian heartland, Agdenes, Norway. August 2014. Norwegian heartland
Autumn is just around the corner in Norway, and we landscapephotographers can look forward to a few weeks of hectic activity with vibrant colors, fog and low-angel sunlight. Hope you like my image. Have a super weekend!

This is a new release in my gallery nordhaugphotography.com Autumn cascade
The dense winter-fog that covered Venice this night started to clear as the day slowly emerged. Just before sunrise, the rising sun colored the skies with a lovely hue. As usual, a small group of photographers were the only ones around Piazza San Marco, and I was fortunate to be one of them. Hope you like my image! Before sunrise, Venezia
Due to its remote location, Cape Royal is not the most visited viewpoint in Grand Canyon National Park. But it is definately one of my favorites! Especially for sunset. Hope you like my image!
This is a new release in my gallery nordhaugphotography.com Setting sun at Cape Royal
Magic morning, Yosemite Valley. I arrived well before sunrise in the valley this beautiful June morning. A light mist was covering El Capitan Meadow. After having shot the sunrise on Cathedral Rocks, I headed into the woods below El capitan and managed to capture this mood before the mist disappeared. Hope you like it, have a splendid Sunday! Magic morning, Yosemite
The first summer night. Lake Jonsvatnet, Trondheim, Norway. June 1st. 2014.  The subtle cresecent of the moon rises as the day slowly turns to night. The first summer night
The first beams of the rising sun lights up the steep face of Cathedral Rocks over the Merced river. Yosemite Valley, California. June 2014. Morning mood, Cathedral Rocks
Boathouse and cotton candy sunset..Trondheim, Norway. 2014. Cotton candy sunset
Winter brings fog to Venice. A photographers dream. This particular evening I was hoping for a spectacular sunset. However, the fog was lying thick above the city to the west and the sun was nowhere to be seen. But as the sun closed in on the horizon the fog started to disappear, and all of a sudden the sun appeared as a fireball. I waited until a flock of birds passed the sun and pressed the shutter. Single exposure. Hope you like it! Setting sun and Santa Maria della Salute
After having been trekking in the north-norwegian mountains in pouring rain for several hours, I came to this small lake. The skies suddenly started to clear. At midnight (this capture is made a couple of minutes a.m.) the midnight sun lit up the skies from below and a wonderful double rainbow appeared. I hurried to rig up my tripod and capture the scene before the next shower set in. Hope you like it! Vibrant sunset
Heavy snowfall this early morning in Lofoten. All of a sudden, skies started to clear and the sun enlighted the distant mountains. Haukland beach
Minutes before sunrise east of portofino, Italy. August 2012. Ligurian bonsai