The first beams of the rising sun lights up the steep face of Cathedral Rocks over the Merced river. Yosemite Valley, California. June 2014. Morning mood, Cathedral Rocks
Boathouse and cotton candy sunset..Trondheim, Norway. 2014. Cotton candy sunset
Winter brings fog to Venice. A photographers dream. This particular evening I was hoping for a spectacular sunset. However, the fog was lying thick above the city to the west and the sun was nowhere to be seen. But as the sun closed in on the horizon the fog started to disappear, and all of a sudden the sun appeared as a fireball. I waited until a flock of birds passed the sun and pressed the shutter. Single exposure. Hope you like it! Setting sun and Santa Maria della Salute
Horseshoe Bend, Arizona. June 2014. Hope you like my image! Evening glow at Horseshoe Bend
After having been trekking in the north-norwegian mountains in pouring rain for several hours, I came to this small lake. The skies suddenly started to clear. At midnight (this capture is made a couple of minutes a.m.) the midnight sun lit up the skies from below and a wonderful double rainbow appeared. I hurried to rig up my tripod and capture the scene before the next shower set in. Hope you like it! Vibrant sunset
Tuscan dream, July 2013. San Quirico, Val d'Orcia.
On my last day in San Quirico I headed out to shoot the characteristic morning mist. Unfortunately, this morning it was not present. On my way back to the hotel, the sun rose en enlightend the landscape with a wonderful pink hue contrasting the newly plowed fields with a wonderful warm orange. I stopped curbside and ran through an olive grove, set up my tripod an caught this moment as my last impression from this fantastic area. Tuscan dream 2
Val d'orcia, Tuscany, Italy. 0515 am, July 2013.
I woke up early to capture the sunrise in Pienza. While driving there in the early morning darkness I noticed these fields with the shimmering sky in the background. I stopped by the roadside and wandered down the dew wet field trying to find a composition that worked. Gradually the sky was colored with this wonderful yellow, red, lavender hue and lit up the fog in the bottom of the valley. I sat up my gear and pressed the trigger in total awe of what this beautiful landscape has to offer. Tuscan dream
Iceland, june 2013. Waterfall in a hidden canyon
Sunrise, Uttakleiv, Lofoten, Norway. June 2013. ***
Winter tranquility at Ranheim, Trondheim, Norway. Bridge to nowhere.
Heavy snowfall this early morning in Lofoten. All of a sudden, skies started to clear and the sun enlighted the distant mountains. Haukland beach
Minutes after sunset, the moon rises from the Mediterranean. Viewpoint near Portofino, Italy. August 2012. Portofino moonrise
Minutes before sunrise east of portofino, Italy. August 2012. Ligurian bonsai
The sun is comming back to the northern parts of norway! Return of the sun